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Single-span film greenhouse is widely used in the cultivation of vegetables and other economic crops,It can prevent natural disasters effectively and improve unit area output and income.With advantage of easy assembly,lower investment and high output.

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Chengfei Greenhouse is a factory with rich experience in the field of greenhouses. In addition to producing greenhouse products, we also provide related greenhouse supporting systems to provide customers with one-stop service. Our goal is to return the greenhouse to its essence, create value for agriculture, and help our customers increase crop yields.

Product Highlights

The text is usually 8x30m in size. Greenhouse size and height can be customized according to your requirements. We add beams and support tubes every 2m. If there is heavy snow, columns can also be added in the middle of the greenhouse. The cover material can be a 100/120/150/200 micron PO film. And can choose cooling system, shading system, heating system, irrigation system and hydroponic system.

Product Features

1.Hot galvanized pipe

2.Three layers film for the covering material.

3.The frame structure is simple, cheap cost and easy to install.


The plastic film greenhouse is  widely used in the cultivation of tomato,vegetables, fruits and flowers. It can provide the conditions of suitable illumination, moisture and temperature, raising the output and resisting the natural disasters.


Product Parameters

Greenhouse size
Items Width (m) Length (m) Shoulder height (m) Arch spacing (m) Covering film thickness
Regular type 8 15~60 1.8 1.33 80 Micron
Customized type 6~10 <10;>100 2~2.5 0.7~1 100~200 Micron
Skeleton specification selection
Regular type Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes ø25 Round tube
Customized type Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes ø20~ø42 Round tube,Moment tube, ellipse tube
Optional supporting system
Regular type 2 sides ventilation Irrigation system
Customized type Extra supporting brace Double layer structure
heat preservation system Irrigation system
Exhaust fans Shading system

Product Structure



1.What kind of specification and type for greenhouse do you have currently?
At present, we have tunnel greenhouse, plastic film greenhouse, PC sheet greenhouse, blackout greenhouse, glass greenhouse, saw tooth greenhouse, mini greenhouse and gothic greenhouse. If you want to know their specification, please consult our sales.

2.Which kind of payment ways do you have?
● For domestic market: Payment on delivery/on project schedule
● For overseas market: T/T, L/C, and alibaba trade assurance.

3.Which groups and markets are used for your products?
● Investing in agricultural production: mainly engages in agricultural and sideline products, fruit and vegetable farming and gardening and flower planting
● Chinese medicinal herbs: They mainly hang out in the sun
● Scientific research: our products are applied in a wide range of ways, from the impact of radiation on soil to the exploration of microorganisms.

4.How did your guests find your company?
We have 65% clients recommended by the clients that have a cooperation with my company before. Others comes from our official website, e-commerce platforms, and project bid.

5.Which countries and regions have your products been exported to?
At present our products are exported to Norway, Italy in Europe, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan in Asia, Ghana in Africa and other countries and regions.

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