Want to know more about our factory information? Please check the following Q&A. And you may find these answers.

The questions you may be concerned

These questions about greenhouses and our company are usually asked by our clients, we put a part of them on the FAQ page. If you don’t find the answers that you want, please directly contact us.

These questions about greenhouses and our company are usually asked by our clients, we put a part of them on the FAQ page. If you don’t find the answers that you want, please directly contact us.

1. R&D and Design

Who are the personnel in your R&D department? What are the working qualifications?

The technical staff of the company have been engaged in greenhouse design for more than 5 years, and the technical backbone has more than 12 years of greenhouse design, construction, construction management, etc, of which 2 graduate students and undergraduate students 5. The average age is not more than 40 years old.

The main members of the company's R&D team are: the company's technical backbone, agricultural college experts, and the planting technology leader of large agricultural companies. From the applicability of products and production efficiency, there is a better recyclable upgrade system.

What is the research and development idea of your company's products?

Technological innovation must be based on the existing reality and standardized management of the enterprise. For any new product, there are many innovative points. Scientific research management must strictly control the randomness and unpredictability brought about by technological innovation.

To determine the market demand and have the margin for predicting a certain market demand to develop ahead of time, we need to think from the perspective of customers, and constantly innovate and improve our products in terms of construction cost, operating cost, energy saving, high yield and multiple latitudes.

As an industry that empowers agriculture, we adhere to our mission of "Returning the greenhouse to its essence and creating value for agriculture"

2. About Engineering

What certifications and qualifications has your company passed?

Certification: ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, Environmental Management System Certification, Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
Qualification Certificate: Safety Standardization Certificate, Safety Production License, Construction Enterprise Qualification Certificate (Grade 3 Professional Contracting of Steel Structure Engineering), Foreign Trade Operator Registration Form

What environmental protection indicators have your products passed?

Noise, Wastewater

3. About Production

What is your production process?

Order→production scheduling→Accounting material quantity→Purchasing material→Collecting material→Quality Control →Storage→Production inform→Material requisition→Quality Control→Finished products→Sale

What time is the shipment time generally for greenhouse?

Sales Area

Chengfei Brand Greenhouse

ODM/OEM Greenhouse

Domestic market

1-5 working days

5-7 working days

Overseas market

5-7 working days

10-15 working days

The shipment time is also related to the ordered greenhouse area and the number of systems and equipment.

4. Quality Control

What testing tools do you have?

We commonly used testing tools are: vernier caliper, micrometer, thread gage, height ruler, Angle ruler, film thickness gauge, feeler ruler, steel ruler and so on.

What is your quality control process?

What is your quality control process

5. About Product

How long using life for your greenhouse?


Using life

Main body skeleton-1

Type 1

corrosion prevention 25-30 years

Main body skeleton-2

Type 2

corrosion prevention 15 years

aluminum profile

Anodic Treatment


Covering material



PC board

10 years


3-5 years

Shade net

Aluminum foil mesh

3 years

External net

5 years


gear motor

5 years

Which type of products do you have?

Totally speaking, we have 3 parts of products. The first is for greenhouse, the second is for greenhouse’s supporting system, the third is for greenhouse accessories. We can do one-stop business for you in greenhouse field.

6. Payment Method

Which kind of payment ways do you have?

For domestic market: Payment on delivery/on project schedule

For overseas market: T/T, L/C, and alibaba trade assurance.

7. Market and Brand

Which groups and markets are used for your products?

Investing in agricultural production: mainly engages in agricultural and sideline products, fruit and vegetable farming and gardening and flower planting

Chinese medicinal herbs: They mainly hang out in the sun

Scientific research: our products are applied in a wide range of ways, from the impact of radiation on soil to the exploration of microorganisms.

How did your guests find your company?

We have 65% clients recommended by the clients that have a cooperation with my company before. Others comes from our official website, e-commerce platforms, and project bid.

8. Personal Interaction

Who are the members of your sales team? What sales experience do you have?

The structure of sales team: Sales manager, Sales supervisor, Primary sales.

At least 5 years sales experience in China and abroad.

What are the working hours of your company?

Domestic market: Monday to Saturday 8:30-17:30 BJT

Overseas Market: Monday to Saturday 8:30-21:30 BJT

9. Service

What are the specific contents of the instructions for use of your products? What is the daily maintenance of the product?

Self-inspection maintenance part, use part, emergency handling part, matters needing attention, see self-inspection maintenance part for daily maintenance <Chengfei greenhouse product manual>

How do you provide after-sales service for your products?


10. Company and Team

What is the development history of your company?

1996: The company was founded

1996-2009: Qualified by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008. Take the lead in introducing Dutch greenhouse into use.

2010-2015: Start the R&A in greenhouse field. Start-up "greenhouse column water" patent technology and Obtained the patent certificate of continuous greenhouse. At the same time, Construction of longquan Sunshine City fast propagation project.

2017-2018: Obtained grade III certificate of Professional Contracting of construction Steel structure engineering. Obtain the safety production license. Participate in the development and construction of wild orchid cultivation greenhouse in Yunnan Province. Research and application of greenhouse sliding Windows up and down.

2019-2020: Successfully developed and built a greenhouse suitable for high altitude and cold areas. Successfully developed and built a greenhouse suitable for natural drying. Research and development of soilless cultivation facilities began.

2021 until now:  We set up our overseas marketing team in early 2021. In the same year, Chengfei Greenhouse products exported to Africa, Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions. We are committed to promoting Chengfei Greenhouse products to more countries and regions.

What is the nature of your company?

Set design and development, factory production and manufacturing, construction and maintenance in one of the sole proprietorship of natural persons