Tunnel greenhouses with hot-dip galvanized structure

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Simple structure, the greenhouse can be flexibly adjusted according to the terrain and has a low cost.

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Chengfei Greenhouse is a professional greenhouse manufacturer, our production workshop has a perfect steel structure, and plate manufacturing advanced equipment system. So we can ensure good quality and competitive price.

Product Highlights

Width 6m/8m/10m and custom, strong adaptability.

Product Features

1. Simple structure and economic type

2. High-quality lock groove and hot dip galvanizing

3. Strong applicability and wide range of application


The single-span greenhouse is suitable for planting cash crops such as vegetables and fruits.


Product Parameters

Greenhouse size
Items Width (m) Length (m) Shoulder height (m) Arch spacing (m) Covering film thickness
Regular type 8 15~60 1.8 1.33 80 Micron
Customized type 6~10 <10;>100 2~2.5 0.7~1 100~200 Micron
Skeleton specification selection
Regular type Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes ø25 Round tube
Customized type Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes ø20~ø42 Round tube,Moment tube, ellipse tube
Optional supporting system
Regular type 2 sides ventilation Irrigation system
Customized type Extra supporting brace Double layer structure
heat preservation system Irrigation system
Exhaust fans Shading system

Product Structure



1. What kind of skeleton material do you use to produce the tunnel greenhouse?
We take hot-dip galvanized steel pipes as their skeleton. Compared to ordinary galvanized steel pipes, they have a better effect on anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

2. Whether or not you can take charge of the shipment?
We only do EXW terms, but also do FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, and CIP terms, etc.

3. How to choose the covering material for a tunnel greenhouse?
First step: You need to confirm the light transmittance rate that you want.
Second step: You need to decide how thick the film is that you want.
After that, you will know which specification film you need to use. If you still have doubts, welcome to leave your message.

4. How to install a tunnel greenhouse?
We can offer you related drawings and a related online installation guide.

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