Plastic Film Tunnel Greenhouse for vegetables

Short Description:

The cost is low, the use is convenient, and the utilization rate of greenhouse space is high.

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Company Profile

The company was established in 1996, focusing on the greenhouse industry for more than 25 years

Main business: agricultural park planning, industrial chain services, various complete sets of greenhouses, greenhouse supporting systems, and greenhouse accessories,etc.

Product Highlights

The utility model has the advantages of low cost and convenient use, and is a kind of cultivation or breeding greenhouse with simple construction. The greenhouse space utilization rate is high, the ventilation capacity is strong, and it can also prevent heat loss and cold air intrusion.

Product Features

1. Low cost

2. High space utilization

3. Strong ventilation ability


The greenhouse is usually used for growing vegetables, seedlings, flowers and fruits.


Product Parameters

Greenhouse size
Items Width (m) Length (m) Shoulder height (m) Arch spacing (m) Covering film thickness
Regular type 8 15~60 1.8 1.33 80 Micron
Customized type 6~10 <10;>100 2~2.5 0.7~1 100~200 Micron
Skeleton specification selection
Regular type Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes ø25 Round tube
Customized type Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes ø20~ø42 Round tube,Moment tube, ellipse tube
Optional supporting system
Regular type 2 sides ventilation Irrigation system
Customized type Extra supporting brace Double layer structure
heat preservation system Irrigation system
Exhaust fans Shading system

Product Structure



1.What is the development history of your company?
● 1996: The company was founded
● 1996-2009: Qualified by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008. Take the lead in introducing Dutch greenhouse into use.
● 2010-2015: Start the R&A in greenhouse field. Start-up "greenhouse column water" patent technology and Obtained the patent certificate of continuous greenhouse. At the same time, Construction of longquan Sunshine City fast propagation project.
● 2017-2018: Obtained grade III certificate of Professional Contracting of construction Steel structure engineering. Obtain the safety production license. Participate in the development and construction of wild orchid cultivation greenhouse in Yunnan Province. Research and application of greenhouse sliding Windows up and down.
● 2019-2020: Successfully developed and built a greenhouse suitable for high altitude and cold areas. Successfully developed and built a greenhouse suitable for natural drying. Research and development of soilless cultivation facilities began.
● 2021 until now: We set up our overseas marketing team in early 2021. In the same year, Chengfei Greenhouse products exported to Africa, Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions. We are committed to promoting Chengfei Greenhouse products to more countries and regions.

2.What is the nature of your company?Own factory, production costs can be controlled.
Set design and development, factory production and manufacturing, construction and maintenance in one of the sole proprietorship of natural persons

3.Who are the members of your sales team? What sales experience do you have?
The structure of sales team: Sales manager, Sales supervisor, Primary sales.At least 5 years sales experience in China and abroad

4.What are the working hours of your company?
● Domestic market: Monday to Saturday 8:30-17:30 BJT
● Overseas Market: Monday to Saturday 8:30-21:30 BJT

5.What is the organizational framework of your company?

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