Commercial industrial ventilation fan

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Exhaust fan are widely used in Agriculture and industry ventilation and cooling. It is mainly used for animal husbandry, poultry house, livestock breeding, greenhouse, factory workshop, textile etc.

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After 25 years of development, Chengfei Greenhouse has grown from a small greenhouse processing factory to an industry and trade enterprise with independent design and development. So far, we have dozens of greenhouse patents. In the future, our development direction is to maximize the benefits of greenhouse products and help the development of agricultural production.

Product Highlights

The 1380mm 50 inch Direct Driven Industrial Barn Ventilation Exhaust Poultry Farm Box Extractor Fan is very powerful, pulls in the air and cools spaces up to 160㎡, the louvers keep the rain and cold out when not in use.

Product Features

1. Environmentally friendly

2. Energy saving

3. Simple operation

4. Good cooling effect

5. Protect crops from damage

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1.How do you provide after-sales service for your products?

2.How old is your company?
My company was established in 1996, more than 25 years experience in greenhouse field.

3.What is the nature of your company?
Set design and development, factory production and manufacturing, construction and maintenance in one of the sole proprietorship of natural persons

4.What are the working hours of your company?
Domestic market: Monday to Saturday 8:30-17:30 BJT
Overseas Market: Monday to Saturday 8:30-21:30 BJT

5.What complaint hotlines and mailboxes do you have?

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