Commercial modular aquaponics system used in greenhouse

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This product is usually used in conjunction with greenhouses and is one of the greenhouse supporting systems. The aquaculture system can maximize the use of greenhouse space and create a green and organic cycle of growth environment.

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Chengfei Greenhouse is a manufacturer with a history of more than 25 years and rich experience in design and manufacturing. At the beginning of 2021, we established an overseas marketing department. At present, our greenhouse products have been exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Central Asia. Our goal is to return the greenhouse to its essence, create value for agriculture, and help our customers increase crop yields.

Product Highlights

The biggest highlight of the aquaponics system is how it works. Through the relevant configuration, the sharing of water for fish farming and vegetables can be realized, the water circulation of the whole system can be realized, and water resources can be saved.

Product Features

1. Organically grown environment

2. Simple operation

The Product Can Match The Greenhouse Type


Product Principle



1. Who are the personnel in your R&D department?
The main members of the company's R&D team are: the company's technical backbone, agricultural college experts, and the planting technology leader of large agricultural companies. From the applicability of products and production efficiency, there is a better recyclable upgrade system.

2.What’s the biggest features of aquaponics system?
It can cultivate fish and planting vegetable, which make a whole organic environment.

3.What are your strengths?
● 26 years of greenhouse manufacturing R&D and construction experience
● An independent R&D team of Chengfei Greenhouse
● Dozens of patented technologies
● Perfect process flow,advanced production line yield rate as high as 97%
● Modular combined structure design,the overall design and installation cycle is 1.5 times faster than the previous year

4.Can you provide customized service with customer's LOGO?
We generally focus on independent products,and can support joint and OEM/ODM customized services.

5.What is your production process?
Order→production scheduling→Accounting material quantity→Purchasing material→Collecting material→Quality Control →Storage→Production inform→Material requisition→Quality Control→Finished products→Sale

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