Mental structure rolling benches for growing

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This product is usually used in conjunction with greenhouses and is one of the greenhouse supporting systems. Seedbed systems keep crops off the ground and help reduce pest and disease damage.

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Chengfei Greenhouse is a factory with rich experience in the field of greenhouses. In addition to producing greenhouse products, we also provide related greenhouse supporting systems to provide customers with one-stop service. Our goal is to return the greenhouse to its essence, create value for agriculture, and help our customers increase crop yields.

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Nursery beds are the industry standard for propagating seedlings in modern greenhouses.
These tables allow for the propagation of large numbers of seedlings in confined spaces before transplanting them into the main hydroponic system. Seedling beds use a flooding and drainage process to rehydrate the growing medium from below before draining excess water. The overflow cycle expels stale air from the air-filled pores in the growing medium, and then draws fresh air back into the medium in the drain cycle.

The growing medium is not completely submerged, only partially saturated, allowing capillary action to hydrate the rest of the medium to the very top. Once the table is drained, the root zone is again exposed to oxygen, which promotes vigorous growth of the seedlings.

Product Features

Widely used for planting and growing of high value crops

1. This can effectively reduce crop diseases. (Due to reduced greenhouse humidity, the leaves and flowers of the crop are kept dry at all times, thus reducing the growth of disease)

2. Promote plant growth

3. Improve quality

4. Reduce costs

5. Save water


This product is usually used for raising seedlings


Product Parameters




≤15m (customization)


≤0.8~1.2m (customization)



Operation method

By hand

Greenhouse Types That Can Be Matched With Products



1.What time is the shipment time generally for greenhouse?

Sales Area Chengfei Brand Greenhouse ODM/OEM Greenhouse
Domestic market 1-5 working days 5-7 working days
Overseas market 5-7 working days 10-15 working days
The shipment time is also related to the ordered greenhouse area and the number of systems and equipment.

2.What safety do your products need to have?
1) Production safety: We use the integrated process of international advanced production lines for manufacturing to ensure product yield and safe production.
2) Construction safety:The installers all hold high-altitude work qualification certificates.In addition to conventional safety ropes and safety helmets,various large-scale equipment such as lifts and cranes are also available for safety auxiliary construction work during the installation and construction process.l
3) Safety in use: We will train customers many times and provide accompanying operation services. After the project is completed, we will have technicians on the scene to operate the greenhouse with customers for 1 to 3 months.In this process,knowledge on how to use the greenhouse, how to maintain it, and how to self-test is passed on to customers.At the same time,we also provide a 24-hour after-sales service team to ensure the normal and safe production of our customers at the first time.

3.Do you support seedbed size customization?
Yes, we can make this product according to your size request.

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