Simple Structure hot-dip galvanized tunnel greenhouse

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This tunnel greenhouse’s structure is very simple and is more convenient for installation. Even if you are a new hand and never install greenhouse, you can know how to install it according to the installing picture and steps.

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Company Profile

Chengfei greenhouse is a more than 25 years factory, which has many design and manufacturing experience. In the early of 2021, we set up the overseas marketing department. At present, our greenhouse products already exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia,Central Asia. Our goal is that let greenhouse’s return to their essence and create value for agriculture to help many customers increase their crops production.

Product Highlights

For this type of greenhouse, simple structure and easy installation are the biggest highlights. It is suitable for a small family farm. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes ensure the whole greenhouse structure can get long service life. At the same time, we take the endurable film as the greenhouse’s covering material. This combination can meet the actual application of customers, and prolong the service life of the greenhouse.

What’s more, as a more than 25 years greenhouse factory, we not only design and produce our own brand greenhouse products but also support OEM/ODM service in the greenhouse field.

Product Features

1. Simple structure

2. Easy installation

3. High-cost performance

4. Low investment, quick return


The tunnel greenhouse is usually used for planting vegetables, seedlings, flowers, and fruits.

tunnel greenhouse for growing flowers
tunnel greenhouse for growing vegetables
tunnel greenhouse for planting fruits

Product Parameters

Greenhouse size
Items Width (m) Length (m) Shoulder height (m) Arch spacing (m) Covering film thickness
Regular type 8 15~60 1.8 1.33 80 Micron
Customized type 6~10 <10;>100 2~2.5 0.7~1 100~200 Micron
Skeleton specification selection
Regular type Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes ø25 Round tube
Customized type Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes ø20~ø42 Round tube,Moment tube, ellipse tube
Optional supporting system
Regular type 2 sides ventilation Irrigation system
Customized type Extra supporting brace Double layer structure
heat preservation system Irrigation system
Exhaust fans Shading system

Product Structure



1. What complaint hotlines and mailboxes do you have?

2. How does your company keep the information of customers confidential?
We strictly follow the "Chengfei Customer Information Confidentiality Measures" for the confidentiality of customer information and set up reference staff for specialized management.

3. What is the nature of your company?
Set design and development, factory production and manufacturing, construction and maintenance in one of the sole proprietorships of natural persons

4. What online communication tools does your company support?
The phone call, Whatsapp, Skype, Line, Wechat, Linkedin, and FB. 

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