Plastic blackout greenhouse for hemp

Short Description:

The most cost-effective and efficient shaded greenhouse.

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Company Profile

Chengfei Greenhouse was established in 1996, with more than 25 years of professional greenhouse production experience, and a professional technical team and management team. Won dozens of greenhouse patent certificates.

Product Highlights

A fully automatic dark greenhouse is the most cost-effective and efficient way to grow. These shading systems provide a total dark environment to control the photoperiod of your crops, helping you increase your yields.

Product Features

1. Increase production and efficiency

2. Strong adaptation to climate change

3. Easy to operate


This greenhouse is specially designed for growing medicinal cannabis and other crops that prefer dark environments.


Product parameters

Greenhouse size

Span width (m

Length (m)

Shoulder height (m)

Section length (m)

Covering film thickness


32 or more



80~200 Micron

Skeleton specification selection

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes


Optional Supporting systems
Ventilation system, Top ventilation system, Shading system, Cooling system, Seedbed system, Irrigation system, Heating system, Intelligent control system, Light deprivation system
Hung heavy parameters:0.2KN/M2
Snow load parameters:0.25KN/M2
Load parameter:0.25KN/M2

Product Structure


Optional System

Ventilation system,Top ventilation system, Shading system,Cooling system,Seedbed system,Irrigation system,Heating system,Intelligent control system, Light deprivation system


1. What are the characteristics of the greenhouse?
The light transmission performance of the greenhouse,the thermal insulation performance of the greenhouse,the ventilation and cooling performance of the greenhouse,the durability of the greenhouse

2.What differences does your company have among your peers?
① 26 years of greenhouse manufacturing R&D and construction experience
② An independent R&D team of Chengfei Greenhouse
③ Dozens of patented technologies
④ Perfect process flow,advanced production line yield rate as high as 97%
⑤ Modular combined structure design,the overall design and installation cycle is 1.5 times faster than the previous year

3. What are the specification do you have?
① Hanging weight: 0.2KN/M2
② Snow Load: 0.25KN/M2
③ Greenhouse load: 0.25KN/M2

4. What principle is the appearance of your products designed on? What are the advantages?
Our earliest greenhouse structures were mainly used in the design of Dutch greenhouses.After years of continuous research and development and practice,our company has improved the overall structure to adapt to different regional environments,altitude,temperature,climate,light and different crop needs and other factors as one Chinese greenhouse.

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