Commercial use blackout system greenhouse

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Completed environment-controlled greenhouse is available based on the different regions and its climates, which includes shading,natural ventilation, cooling or heating, fertigation, Irrigation, cultivation, hydroponic and auto-control systems etc.

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Our company is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. We design, manufacture and sell complete agricultural facility solutions for our global horticultural and agricultural customers. Our main products are various types of greenhouses and supporting equipment

Product Highlights

The unique design is the biggest highlight of the automated light deprivation greenhouse growth. 100% shading rate, three layers of blackout curtains, fully automatic operation. In order to prolong the service life of greenhouse, we use hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the frame of greenhouse, generally speaking, its zinc layer can reach about 220g/m2. The zinc layer is thicker and has better anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect. In addition, we usually use 80-200 micron durable film as its covering material. All materials are made of glass A to ensure customers have a good product experience. What's more, we are a greenhouse factory for over 25 years. We have excellent performance in greenhouse installation cost control and distribution.

Product Features

1.Free installation instruction

2.100% light deprivation

3.Can be completely comparable with the blackout greenhouse in the United States


Research greenhouse, black-loving plants


Product parameters

Greenhouse size

Span width (m

Length (m)

Shoulder height (m)

Section length (m)

Covering film thickness


32 or more



80~200 Micron

Skeleton specification selection

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes


Optional Supporting systems
Ventilation system, Top ventilation system, Shading system, Cooling system, Seedbed system, Irrigation system, Heating system, Intelligent control system, Light deprivation system
Hung heavy parameters:0.2KN/M2
Snow load parameters:0.25KN/M2
Load parameter:0.25KN/M2

Product Structure


Optional System

Ventilation system, Top ventilation system, Shading system, Cooling system, Seedbed system, Irrigation system, Heating system, Intelligent control system, Light deprivation system


1.What is the research and development idea of your company's products?
(1)Technological innovation must be based on the existing reality and standardized management of the enterprise. For any new product, there are many innovative points. Scientific research management must strictly control the randomness and unpredictability brought about by technological innovation.
(2)To determine the market demand and have the margin for predicting a certain market demand to develop ahead of time, we need to think from the perspective of customers, and constantly innovate and improve our products in terms of construction cost, operating cost, energy saving, high yield and multiple latitudes.
(3)As an industry that empowers agriculture, we adhere to our mission of "Returning the greenhouse to its essence and creating value for agriculture"

2. Can you provide customized service with customer's LOGO?
We generally focus on independent products,and can support joint and OEM/ODM customized services

3.What differences does your company have among your peers?
● 26 years of greenhouse manufacturing R&D and construction experience
● An independent R&D team of Chengfei Greenhouse
● Dozens of patented technologies
● Perfect process flow,advanced production line yield rate as high as 97%
● 1.5 times Modular combined structure design,the overall design and installation cycle is 1.5 times faster than the previous year

4.What is the nature of your company?
Set design and development, factory production and manufacturing, construction and maintenance in one of the sole proprietorship of natural persons

5.What is your production process?
Order→production scheduling→Accounting material quantity→Purchasing material→Collecting material→Quality Control →Storage→Production inform→Material requisition→Quality Control→Finished products→Sale

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