Commercial hemp Light Deprivation Greenhouse

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This kind of greenhouse can achieve accurate acquisition and control of flowering period, increase yield, and avoid light and other light pollution.

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Letting the greenhouse return to its essence and creating value for agriculture is our corporate culture and goal. After 25 years of development, Chengfei Greenhouse has a professional technical team and has made great progress in greenhouse innovation. At present, dozens of related greenhouse patents have been obtained. Meanwhile, we are a factory with our own factory about 4000 square meters. Therefore we also support greenhouse ODM/OEM service.

Product Highlights

*The biggest advantage of the fully automatic light deprivation (power outage) greenhouse is accurate acquisition of the flowering cycle, and more dense flowers can be planted through the precise flowering cycle time.

*Growers can harvest multiple times a year by forcing plants to bloom early and using supplemental lighting to grow in winter or even start planting early in spring.

* By creating a "shade zone" within the same greenhouse, crops in the vegetative stage can be grown in the same shaded greenhouse as crops in the flowering stage.

* Protect plants from light pollution from neighbors, street lamps, etc. Reduce the amount of supplemental light reflected from the greenhouse at night. * Rolling screen provides energy management and blackout for side walls

Product Features

Obtain and control flowering period, increase yield, avoid light and other light pollution


Designed for crops that prefer to grow in dark environments.


Product parameters

Greenhouse size

Span width (m

Length (m)

Shoulder height (m)

Section length (m)

Covering film thickness


32 or more



80~200 Micron

Skeleton specification selection

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes


Optional Supporting systems
Ventilation system, Top ventilation system, Shading system, Cooling system, Seedbed system, Irrigation system, Heating system, Intelligent control system, Light deprivation system
Hung heavy parameters:0.2KN/M2
Snow load parameters:0.25KN/M2
Load parameter:0.25KN/M2

Product Structure


Optional System

Ventilation system, Top ventilation system, Shading system, Cooling system, Seedbed system, Irrigation system, Heating system, Intelligent control system, Light deprivation system


1.Whether or not this greenhouse can achieve intelligent control?
If you match the intelligent control system into the greenhouse, this function can be came true.

2.What safety do your products need to have?
● Production safety: We use the integrated process of international advanced production lines for manufacturing to ensure product yield and safe production.
● Construction safety:The installers all hold high-altitude work qualification certificates.In addition to conventional safety ropes and safety helmets,various large-scale equipment such as lifts and cranes are also available for safety auxiliary construction work during the installation and construction process.
● Safety in use: We will train customers many times and provide accompanying operation services. After the project is completed, we will have technicians on the scene to operate the greenhouse with customers for 1 to 3 months.In this process,knowledge on how to use the greenhouse, how to maintain it, and how to self-test is passed on to customers.At the same time,we also provide a 24-hour after-sales service team to ensure the normal and safe production of our customers at the first time.

3. Hong long do you ship these ordered commodities after I paid?
It depends on your projects. Generally speaking, we ship these goods from our factory within 15 working days.

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