Snow-resistant double-arched Russian Polycarbonate board vegetable greenhouse

Short Description:

1.Who is this model suitable for?
The Chengfei Large Double Arch PC Panel Greenhouse is suitable for farms specializing in growing seedlings, flowers and crops for sale.
2.Ultra-durable construction
Heavy-duty double arches are made of 40×40 mm strong steel tubes. The curved trusses are interconnected by purlins.
3.The reliable steel frame of the Chengfei model is made of thick double arches that can withstand a snow load of 320 kg per square meter (equivalent to 40 cm of snow). This means that polycarbonate-covered greenhouses perform well even in heavy snowfall.
4.Rust protection
The zinc coating reliably protects the greenhouse frame from corrosion. The steel tubes are galvanized inside and out.
5.Polycarbonate for Greenhouses
Polycarbonate is perhaps the best material for covering greenhouses today. It is no wonder that its popularity has grown at an alarming rate in recent years. Its undeniable advantage is that it creates an optimal climate in the greenhouse and also greatly simplifies greenhouse maintenance, so you can forget about replacing the film every year.
We offer you a wide range of polycarbonate thicknesses to choose from. Although all sheets have the same thickness, they have different densities. The higher the density of the polycarbonate, the higher its performance and the longer it will last.
6.Included in the kit
The kit includes all the bolts and screws required for assembly.Chengfei greenhouses are mounted on a bar or post foundation.

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Product Parameters

Product Type Double-arched polycarbonate Greenhouse
Frame Material Hot-dip galvanized
Frame thickness 1.5-3.0mm
Frame 40*40mm/40*20mm

Other sizes can be chosen

Arch spacing 2m
Wide 4m-10m
Length 2-60m
Doors 2
Lockable Door Yes
UV Resistant 90%
Snow Load Capacity 320 kg/sqm


Double-arch design:The greenhouse is designed with double arches,which gives it better stability and wind resistance,and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

SNOW RESISTANT PERFORMANCE:The greenhouse is designed to take into account the climatic characteristics of cold regions,with excellent snow resistance,able to withstand the pressure of heavy snow and ensure the stability of the growing environment for vegetables.

Polycarbonate Sheet Covering:The greenhouses are covered with high-quality polycarbonate (PC) sheets,which have excellent transparency and UV-resistant properties,helping to maximize the use of natural light and protect vegetables from harmful UV radiation.

Ventilation system:The products are usually also equipped with a ventilation system to ensure that the vegetables receive proper ventilation and temperature control in different seasons and weather conditions.

ASEAN tax exemption policy


Q1: Does it keep plants warm in winter?

A1: The temperature inside the greenhouse may be 20-40 degrees during the day and the same as the outside temperature at night. This is in the absence of any supplemental heating or cooling. So we recommend to add a heater inside greenhouse

Q2: Will it stand up to heavy snow?

A2: This greenhouse can stand up to 320 kg/sqm snow at least.

Q3: Does the greenhouse kit include everything I need to assemble it?

A3: The assembly kit includes all the necessary fittings, bolts and screws, as well as legs for mounting on the ground.

Q4:Can you customize your conservatory to other sizes, for example 4.5m wide?

A4: Of course, but not wider than 10m.

Q5:Is it possible to cover the greenhouse with colored polycarbonate?

A5:This is highly undesirable.The light transmission of colored polycarbonate is much lower than that of transparent polycarbonate. As a result, plants will not get enough light. Only clear polycarbonate is used in greenhouses.

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