The Application of Light deprivation greenhouse

The information that Thailand allowed cannabis farming last year has gone viral. There is a greenhouse in the greenhouse industry made expressly to grow cannabis in order to enhance yield. That is the light deprivation greenhouse. Let's discuss this kind of greenhouse now.

What’s light deprivation greenhouse?

As the name implies, this greenhouse, also known as a "blackout greenhouse," can completely block out the light within. At present, Chengfei Greenhouse mainly designs two types for it, one is with the economical simple shading system, and the other is with the electric curtain shading system. 

P1-Light deprivation greenhouse structure

The two light-deprivation greenhouses have very different structures, as you can see in the picture. You can make a decision based on your actual planting requirements, the climate, and your budget.

What are their application scenarios?

Both types of greenhouses are usually used to grow crops that require less light, such as cannabis and mushrooms. The choice of greenhouse type also depends on the economic value of the crops themselves. So generally speaking, light deprivation with the economical simple shading system is mostly used in growing mushrooms, and another is usually used in the cultivation of cannabis. 

P2-Light deprivation greenhouse Application


How to choose a suitable light-deprivation greenhouse?

There are some tips for your reference when you want to build a light deprivation greenhouse.
1. Confirm your crops
A light-deprivation greenhouse with an electric curtain shading system is more appropriate for you if your crops are highly valuable.
P3-Light deprivation greenhouse planting crops

2. Review the local weather
If the weather at your place has heavy snow, rain, or wind, the simple structure light deprivation greenhouse doesn’t meet your demands. To make sure your greenhouse has a good performance in extreme weather, it is better to choose the one with the electric curtain shading system. Because more supporting structure is added in this form of the greenhouse to ensure the stability and strength of the entire construction.


3. Keep within your means
It's essential to select a better greenhouse within your means. As a result, you must research and gather pertinent data to aid in your decision-making. Contact us at any moment if you need help finding information on this kind of greenhouse.

P5-Greenhouse budget

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Post time: Mar-29-2023