How to save the operating cost of a glass greenhouse in winter

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At present, one of the most concerning issues in modern agriculture is energy saving for greenhouse. Today we will discuss how to reduce operating costs in the winter.

In the greenhouse operation, in addition to planting methods, management level, vegetable prices, and other factors that will affect the operating costs, greenhouse energy consumption is also an important factor. Especially in winter, in order to ensure that the greenhouse achieves the appropriate temperature for crops, the electricity cost for temperature regulation in winter can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan per month. The glass greenhouse is a steel structure, surrounded by hollow glass, the top of the diffuse glass. Because glass and other materials have no thermal insulation effect, cold in winter and hot in summer. Based on this situation, in order to maintain the temperature of crop growth in winter, the general greenhouse will be equipped with ground source heat units and liquefied gas furnaces. Turning on this heating system all day in winter costs 4-5 times more energy than in summer.

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In the current technical situation, reducing the energy consumption of glass greenhouses is mainly considered from the direction of heat loss of glass greenhouse. Generally speaking, the way of heat loss in glass greenhouse is:

1. Through the glass enclosure structure conduction heat, can account for 70% to 80% of the total heat loss.

2. Radiate heat to the sky

3. Ventilation and heat dissipation

4. Rir infiltration heat dissipation

5. Heat transfer in the ground

For these heat dissipation pathways, we have the following solutions.

1. Install insulation curtain

This reduces heat loss at night. Under the premise of meeting the crop light, it is best to install double-layer light-transmitting materials. The heat loss can be reduced by 50%.

2. the use of cold trench

Fill with insulation to reduce heat transfer in the ground.

3. Ensure the tightness of the greenhouse

For holes and entrances with air leakage, add cotton door curtains.

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4. Increase the application of organic fertilizer and build various types of biological reactors.

This practice generates biothermal energy to increase the temperature inside the shed.

5. Spray plant cold and antifreeze on crops

This is done by targeting the plant itself to protect it from freezing damage.

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Post time: Jan-24-2024